Star magic Yoga

Mind and Body Union

Star Magic Yoga

Mind and Body Union

Our Cosmic Yoga Routines have been created to strengthen your body and mind, deepen the connection between the mind, body and soul and activate your Super-Human potential. We have Cosmic Yoga Routines for grounding, 3rd Eye Activation, Opening the Heart, Abundance, Rebooting the Nervous System, Accelerating Intuition and so much more.

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Health Benefits Of Yoga

Star Magic has created a variety of Yoga Routines that we call Cosmic. Our Cosmic Yoga Routines compliment everything we are doing inside Infinity. Every Cosmic Yoga Routines has been infused with the Star Magic Frequency and the body movements combined with the energy, give you the opportunity not only to move your body, become etc strong and flexible, but to activate your third eye, open your crown chakra, ground, boost your immune system and so much more. These Cosmic Yoga Routines are incredible.

Healing Future Lives

Jerry !!! OMG !! I’ve done hundreds of Star Magic Meditations but this one by far is my favorite!! This was exactly what I needed!!! Wow wow wow !! I was crying tears of euphoria !!! Super expanded and anchored even more in my mission on the planet. Wow ! There are no words to describe this! Thank you

Nada Haarb

Healing Future Lives

Your abundance meditations absolutely turned my business around! I was at the point of losing it all! I had to borrow $40,000 from my mom just to keep from going under. I started the meditations. Honest to god that year my revenues were $1.2 milion, and every year since I’ve consistently made over a million in revenues. I now know how to vibrate and flow in the frequency of abundance. I’m so grateful for you and StarMagic

Libby Siebold

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