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I just wanted to say how amazing the Quantum Architect online workshop was! Not only have I gotten everything I manifested ( even if it came in a strange way) I’ve also gotten everything totally amped up and supercharged. It changed my life so drastically that at the end of this month, I’m moving from Canada to Mexico to do grid work and follow my purpose. I can’t wait. I just wanted to say thank you soooooo much.


Jerry, I’m tearing since our session. Every moment I feel my soul coming back into my body. I’m feeling safer and safer. My softness. I feel life in my cells. I feel the love of the universe. There’s only love. It’s so grand and magical. I’m finally liberated. I’m expanding. I’m feeling myself in samadhi state all day. Blissful. Heart centered and graceful. I am sending you the biggest cosmic hug in the entire existence. Thank you from all of me, thank you 🤍🤍🤍🤍

Nada Harb

I feel different and much more at peace.  Specifically, I feel as if the anger and pain no longer has a ‘grip’.  It’s so easy for me to mentally say ‘nope…not going back into that anymore’ and it immediately concedes and goes away. I can’t begin to explain how everything just became so ‘clear’.  Things just started making so much sense and things I was confused about, suddenly I had the answers. I feel as if I can hope again without the fear that any dream will just be dashed.  I feel my energy is bigger and lighter.  I believe I actually saw you during one of the sessions with my 3rd eye.  It was so powerful, bright (as if the sun was shining in my head) and I could feel you pulling at me.  Healing has never been that strong before. Thank you so much Jerry.

K.P – After a Shadow Parasite Cleanse

My name is Lesya and here is my testimony of the amazing things that happ

My name is Lesya and here is my testimony of the amazing things that happened while in facilitator training in Sedona AZ October 2018.

First, I have to say that I was in the emergency room with an old issue with severe pain due to a kidney stone (7.5 mm) close to the bladder the night before I had to leave for the Sedona training. I contacted the Star magic team to inform them that I would not be able to make it and I got the response to go on my trip and to make it there anyway. That this was a part of the healing.

So, I decided to start my journey no matter what and even without any written directions, asking my spirit guides to help and so I made it safely to the program, even though I can’t recall most of the trip which was over 600 miles one way.

At times I felt that I was long lost on the road but trusted the universe to bring me to my destination. I was late only by a few hours and as soon as I walked in the room I felt the invisible but very powerful force of energy that came directly from Jerry and that force never left. It’s still there now and since that first moment I feel completely connected to this force.

I have experienced and been trained in different healing modalities, but nothing ever affected me in such a deep and profound way that left me somewhat speechless because the words I have cannot even begin to describe what I feel. Well, the second day into the training I started to feel some relief to my kidney condition even though no one was working on it specifically. The stone was crushed and come out like sand.

While there, I completely forgot that I was a smoker for 36 years and had I no desire to smoke and still don’t two weeks later!!! This really surprised the heck out of me because I had a very hard time to even think about quitting. I have tried before. Now, my lungs feel great and it’s as if I never smoked.

On day 3 into the training Jerry asked for a volunteer for healing. Someone with spinal scoliosis in a shape of a C. Mine was much worse. I didn’t think anyone could ever fix it. Mine happened to be a double scoliosis in a shape of an S from the top of the spine down to the solar plexus and so I quickly volunteered.

I thought that Jerry would be doing the healing himself but instead he called another volunteer/student to facilitate the healing. Jerry guided the lady and told her exactly wat to do. I was a bit sceptical, but after a few minutes, I felt intense pulsating waves of heat along my spine. Then I saw (with my eyes closed) 3 different wire-like strings of lights which were loose and looked like zigzags and then shortly after I saw and felt how those wires straightened up and felt as if something held the wires together and the pulsating heat disappeared.

By the end of the healing session all tension in the area vanished and all discomfort associated with my spine went away and I haven’t had it since. Now I can sleep on my side again which was very difficult for me before. I had a photo taken of my back after and its completely straight.

Also, I was in a big car accident 2 years ago where I hit the steering wheel by the bottom left side of my jaw and from then on I had permanent very loud clicking in my jaw which echoed in my head and made me have migraines. This time I asked for help directly from Jerry and to my surprise the muscle got less and less tense.

The clicking got quieter. I was happy about that. The muscle got worse that night, felt like it was inflammation and I could not even open my mouth enough to eat. That day was day number 5 and the training was over. I had to drive back home. So, I headed back home a bit disappointed and in pain, but as I head out I apparently forgot about my jaw. I stopped to eat few times and when I got home I realized that I had no inflammation and no pain. I haven’t had any migraine or even a headache since.

I must say that I was trained in 4 different healing modalities, had masters from different countries who I deeply appreciate and have great respect for, but what I gained from Jerry and Star Magic is beyond all of them put together.

My third eye opened, I gained the ability to stay in the meditation all of the time. I gained unshakable confidence in myself which people around me noticed right away. I live in a small town and I felt like I came home to a completely new reality. I can go on about many other things that changed but most things I cannot describe with words.

Therefore, I would highly recommend to anyone to go and experience Star magic!!!

The most important is that I have learned a great deal about who I am and what my mission on this planet is.

I would like to say thank you to the entire Star Magic team as you are all amazing beings and all of you were exceptionally helpful.

LOVE U ALL with all my heart and soul!

Looking forward to seeing you in Egypt.

Lesya, USA


I wholeheartedly am so grateful you crossed my path. Words cannot comprehend how much you have helped me grow and heal – I am forever grateful. I have grown so much and feel my own divine power bursting through. It has changed so much of who I am inside to allow the purer, true me to expand to a degree that I no longer have to look back. You have provided me a platform to clearly work from. What you do Jerry is life transforming for those that are ready. All I must do now is continue to go forward, fearless with love and most of all, continue to love myself.

Eleasha, UK

Attended Facilitator Training

Hi Jerry
Thank you for your workshop yesterday (Sunday 5 March), one of the effects from the group healing that I have noticed today is a huge improvement in the field defect in my left eye, I would estimate a 90% reduction of the defect allowing much improved vision for which I am very grateful.

Phillip, UK

Good morning Jerry,

I just wanted to say I woke up this morning for the first time in a long while, feeling renewed, recharged, energized and filled with feeling that I can conquer anything…. Such a wonderful feeling 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Infinite love and gratitude,

Gina USA

Hi Jerry!,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work. I only recently discovered your video meditations. Your energy penetrates me on all levels taking me deeper than ever before. I have desired this type of experience at the quantum level. So deep…so spiritual. I really enjoy your work. You definitely take me into another dimension. I appreciate the spiritual growth. Thank you!

Jen Mink- U.S.A

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, actually my whole heart. You have changed my life in ways that are indescribable
Chris Lyon – USA

Hi Jerry… Thank you so much for the healing and coming to LA for the Conscious Life Expo.. I cannot express enough gratitude for all of the amazing light and healing that you brought to this conference. My daughter has been deeply touched by the grace of your healing. I am so looking forward to the Facilitator Training in May..

Claudia Davis – Karmic Angel Clearings, USA

I felt a lot of changes in my life after I my healing with Jerry. Thoughts and feelings that imprisoned me were released. The memory of some people that caused me emotional and mental distortions disappeared, leaving me free to live! But the most amazing and beautiful thing that happened to me was the ability to perceive the love … I spent a lifetime looking for the love out of me, inside me, by my side, up and down … More than 34 years walking this spiritual path and looking for a love that I could NOT FEEL. Now I feel the love from every pore, inside me, every moment, for me and for everything and everyone in my Life …

I can get into my heart almost instantly. I browse through different dimensions, contact higher consciousness beings and feel my happy heart full of energy and joy!
Words really can not express the changes that happened!

Thank you Jerry!

I can feel the love in me and for me now!

I love you!

Carla Lopes – Brazil


Feeling so good after the healing. I feel more self assured and more willing to be in the world again. My leg is feeling stronger I am walking with out the boot.

Feeling very positive. During the healing I felt a strong beam of white light go into my third eye. Also my legs vibrated at times and at one stage I couldn’t move my right leg.

What was unexpected was the spirit of the child that I didn’t have because I had an abortion, came and spoke to me. She said its time to let go. I wasn’t even aware I was holding onto her. Profound. Really impressed with what you are doing in the world assisting people to wake to their power.

Thank you


Thank you. When you worked on me tears flowed. They soaked my hair. Cleared lots of grief about not being able to protect my kids from abuse and rape. I am so grateful.

S.E , Florida, USA

The Ignite the Light weekend was amazing and something very deep definitely happened to me on the last day. Knocked me for six but in a good way. The whole weekend blew our minds , thank you.

Melanie & Daoud, Ireland

Have to say 2016 was my best year yet..I thank my cosmic compass for finding you and StarMagic☆☆☆…WOW..it blasted a lot of shit out of my life..I now feel so empowered more than I can say.. thank you Jerry for doing what your doing…you are a shinning star to us all reminding us that we too are all shinning stars..but somehow forgotten.

Caroline Quinn, Ireland

Hi Jerry,

I am feeling dam good!! I have so much energy and I feel great. Thank you very much.. I feel beautiful..

Shalini M – India

I have to tell you what happened! I laid down on the couch I closed my eyes wondering if or what I would feel. I was out like a light within 10 min. I opened my eyes looked at the clock because I was freaking out wondering how much time went by because I was in an extremely deep deep sleep like when I sleep at night, which has never happened to me taking an afternoon snooze!

It was only 40 minutes later!! (crazy) Then I sat up and was really loopy like somebody slipped something in my drink. I had to keep blinking my eyes to get my sh*t together! I stood up and was still wobbly and disorientated (CRAZY) it took about an hour for me to feel normal again but I feel like a MILLION BUCKS!!

I can breath deep for the first time in months!! I think you took the COPD out of my lungs!! I do have to tell you and admit that I was VERY VERY skeptical because I have ran across a lot of fakes out there and seen my friends get ripped off over and over again but had to give you a shot after all the stuff I
have read about you and listened to. I was very curious and all I can say is OMG your the real deal!! I am beyond words for how grateful I am for what you did for me (I don’t know what it was but I feel like a new person) I do have to say you are my new best buddy!!

Sending you all the love I can hold in my heart to you!! Thank You ever so much again!! Your the BEST of the BEST brother anybody could have! Yes we are all one!

Lori Jubb – Realtor, Florida

You are the most beautiful and inspiring being Jerry. You’re energy is off the scale. I have followed you around the internet for a year or two and could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that your workshop would be so so powerful. I laughed, cried and uncontrollably trembled from head to toe. Words can not promote what you bring, it has to be experienced to believe and I am so pleased I came. The love I felt was off the scale, complete ecstasy.


WOW, that was so powerful, so awesome. You may have seen I could hardly keep my eyes open while we were talking and as soon as I lay down I felt them pin me down. I felt the energy pouring in, I feel so Blessed, thank you. I then felt the floating, weightless, it was awesome. I was very tired last night and slept well, this morning I feel very relaxed in my own being, a sense of completeness, if that makes sense. Gosh, I have just realised my mind is not racing all over the place, that’s amazing, now I can just BE! I do believe I maybe at the beginning of my journey, Wahe Guru, special times

Thank you so much Jerry,
Love & Blessings

Shirley NZ

I felt bound to the bed and failed to move any part of my body.Then felt some cold chills,coming in from the bottom of both feet like waves and ending around the knees. Then I felt very relaxed.Then again started feeling some energy waves around the top part of my body, from around the waist going up to my chest. After about one hour and ten minutes of laying on the bed, I felt it was over..got up and did some errands.
After about 3 hours, I came back home feeling exhausted and took an hour and a half nap. I cannot remember when I last slept so peacefully and like a baby. Got up feeling very happy and at peace.
As I am writing to you I can feel my body repairing itself. Oh before I forget, I burst out in tears whilst driving on 2 occasions. They felt like tears of relief/joy and I just let the emotions be and allowed myself to cry.
Thank you Jerry and I will do another update a few days to a week from now. This Star Magic is the real deal just like my spirit and intuition had told me. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us and all you do for mankind. I am truly inspired.

Madaliso Kapopo – USA

Hello Jerry…

I wanted to thank you….deeeeply, for your intervention on behalf of our friend Kay Petroff. Long story short…

She went into the hospital again after 4 botched ‘procedures’, having been told that her heart was damaged due to a heart attack, her lungs were filling with fluids and the necessity of draining her lungs was at critical .

Her most recent hospital ‘visit’ to have a corrective surgery ‘attaching’ leads of a pace-maker to her heart, (as that small detail had previously overlooked). Her Dr. examined her heart and announced that for some ‘unknown’ reason, her heart seemed to be fine.

It was pumping all on it’s own, and previously diagnosed ‘damaged’ areas of the heart had begun to ‘work again’. He even went so far as to ‘brag’ that he had amazing skills as the drastic improvements had occurred on his watch, even though he admitted he had no idea how the improved heart condition could be accounted for!!!

Thanks Jerry.

You’re a gift.

SK Clark – USA

It’s crazy. I laid in bed with my eyes closed for the healing and I swear I was awake the whole time and thought it was 20-30 minutes but once I got up it was an hour and a half. I lost time so you totally took my spirit. I felt you open my heart. I felt peace, unconditional love and calmness throughout my body. And when you connected my brain to my heart my whole body shook. In the beginning of the session I remember being in a room with a woman that said 14 others were going to work on my body while my spirit was with you. So crazy. Today I feel soooo much less stress and I’m lighter. I am actually smiling today.

Thanks Jerry.

Jeremy W – California

‘Jerry, I am writing to say thank you. I can not thank you enough. Life was in slow motion until I met you. I was ambling a long and came to you for a boost. My business was so slow. I had lots of deals on the table but I could never bring them home. Within 1 week of our session I landed a contract with a huge buyer. It completely changed the face of my business. Life is GREAT NOW. More deals have landed and my life is so good. I am not existing any more. I am living again Jerry, thanks to you. Whatever it is that you do, keep doing it.

Thanks Jerry.

Graeme. Research Engineer, Montreal

‘Meeting St Germain in his mystery school was the making of my weekend. The shift that took place within me during this meditation was out of this world. I shook from head to toe and the light pulsating through me was so strong. My vibration has shot up. I feel so so good and so confident. You have a special gift Jerry.’

Thanks Jerry.

Elaine M. UK

Jerry I am smiling for the first time in weeks :)) thank you beyond Words.. thank you and bless you beyond your dreams ..
B. Djordjievska – Sweden

Hi Jerry

I had a fall recently, broke my wrist and had dislocated my sacroiliac joints. I could hardly bear to walk. I had been to a chiropractor 3 times and paid over £100 with no success. During the night after taking part in your Star Magic Meditation, after tossing and turning, I suddenly felt a huge “Clunk” and my joint went back into place.

Thank You Jerry


Hi Jerry

‘I am 68 years of age and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 9 months ago. It was a shock to my family and I. I was terrified to be honest. I have never been one for doctors and searched for an alternative approached. I am so glad I discovered Star Magic. It opened my eyes to a new and bright world and more importantly cured my Parkinson’s. Going on this journey with Jerry was so enlightening. The symptoms I was experiencing vanished. I kept expecting them to be there. But they were not. I cannot recommend Jerry Sargeant and his work enough.’

Thank You Jerry

-Bruce Richards

‘One day my daughter was crying for an hour or so and looked completely terrified, yet nothing seemed to have happened. Jerry was able to tap into my son, tell me what was causing him anguish and clear the energy blockage. He calmed down very quickly and the struggle was over.’

Thank You Jerry

Terry Matherson

‘My daughters language improved after her energy healing session. The week after the appointment she went to bed earlier every night and slept through to the morning. It was such a relief.’

Thank You Jerry

Karen Butler

‘Jerry gave me some great insight into my son, who was freaking out every night about homework and that he was fully capable of doing. His teacher was practically in tears telling me at the parent/teacher meeting that he didn’t know what to do, and at this rate he wasn’t going to pass his exams. Through Jerry and the Star Magic Energy Healing sessions, we were able to resolve the situation, and at the last parent/teacher meeting it was a whole different story. His teacher was delighted to report he was on
track with all of his work.’

Thank You Jerry

Paul Williams

Hi Jerry

Thank you for your workshop yesterday (Sunday 5 March), one of the effects from the group healing that I have noticed today is a huge improvement in the field defect in my left eye, I would estimate a 90% reduction of the defect allowing much improved vision for which I am very grateful.


Philip, Cheltenham, UK

Hi Jerry

Just some feedback during the process, I had some tingling in the side of my face and some severe nausea stemming from deep down in my gut tinged with a feeling of melancholy. BTW, what time did you finish? I felt it was an hour and a half after our initial appointment time.

Now on to my present condition… When I awoke the next day; my main golf day, I was still in pain, enough so I was contemplating not playing but after a few hours the pain reduced in my left shoulder, the pain in my ankles disappeared as with the pain in the left knee; however still fairly pronounced pain in my right knee, bearing in mind I have introduced a new technique in my swing that puts extra stress on my joints.

The great news is I got through the round, and here is the amazing news, after the round I had no pain in my ankles, no pain in my elbows or forearms, no pain in my left knee, no pain in my shoulders, just pain in my right knee. A few hours after golf I did your Dolphin meditation; into my 6th day, and the pain reduced dramatically.

So Jerry to say that I am thrilled is an understatement, thank you so much, your integrity and compassion is overwhelming.

John L. Australia

I’m wonderful and want to thank you for ROCKING MY WORLD in such a magical and perfectly beautiful way:)))

I’ve experienced a shift in energy…I’m pretty sure it’s the re-connection of my life force and body, I feel different now and not sure I can put it all in words …WOW you just keep amazing me ….you are just so spot on.

I feel much lighter, I can extend my arms out to the sides and really breath in, except this time the breath is different, it is life giving and I inhaled deeply (savouring it and knowing how precious it is) allowing that subtle life force that was in the breath do go deep into my lungs and gently wave through my body. Haven’t felt that in such a long time.

When I read your email, and got to the name Nefertiti, as I said her name, I connected to something very familiar, loving…like a mother’s love and felt she left something for me…maybe just love.

You know when we were talking I didn’t want to disconnect from you, and I wasn’t understanding why I was feeling that way. I think I’m seeing the light at the top of the well now and I’m getting close to climbing out into the light. I see there is a rope leading to the top and out of the well, and you aren’t standing at the top of the well looking down at me, because you are the rope, my way shower. I just have to hold on to the rope and I will be there soon.

I think I’m now experiencing the beginnings of the shifts of energy in my body that had to happen in order for what I am to become…I feel an energy now, and yesterday I sensed another energy outside of my body, it may have always been here, and just coming into my awareness. I think it is here waiting for my body to be able to contain it. I feel something supernatural coming, like my healing and this other thing.

Gratitude for bringing into my awareness “unconditional” love, I will be working on that as I’m healing and re-energizing over the weeks to come.

Love, K.W – USA

‘After working with you for several minutes my upper spine has straightened. I was bent over for more than 20 years after a motorcycle accident. I still wake up everyday and check that it’s still straight. I can’t express my deep gratitude enough’

Rob Winston, Graphic Designer – USA

‘My business was cruising along, steady but slow and we hadn’t grown or been able to expand for more than 5 years and I had lost all enthusiasm. I was on the verge of selling and calling it a day. I really don’t know what Jerry did but within days after he came and did a Frequency Encoded Group Healing Meditation within the company, to all of my staff and I, there were clear and apparent shifts. Within days I noticed how the attitude of all of my employees changed.
Everyone seemed happier, less stressed and so positive. Within 2 weeks we landed a new contract that took the business into 3 new countries and since that moment we have grown and grown. I really didn’t think this could happen. I didn’t believe in anything unless I could see it but what Jerry did has completely changed my perception. I witnessed a miracle and will be forever grateful to Jerry Sargeant and Star Magic.

D.Norris, Owner – AON, U.A.E

Thanks so much – I feel a lot has shifted and just having the realisations I had really helped and then typing some of my past disappointments out – even though I’d done that in the past it was obviously still buried in there and holding me back – thank you for helping me ‘get there’. I really do feel clearer and lighter and my energy is returning – I am having a nature day Friday and looking forward to it.

Thank you again I found my healing with you truly helpful, powerful yet gentle.

Natasha F – Australia

This has been a breathe of fresh air. I had been struggling for more than 3 years. I was full of fear and nothing seemed to flow. Jerry, you made so much sense and made everything so easy for me. Deciding to do these 3 coaching sessions was the best thing I ever did. I am moving forward at a pace and am eternally grateful.

Gillian Roberts – U.S.A

Your courage and insight has inspired my own. Glimpsing the immaculate vitality of the universe has set me free and your videos were one of the first gifts that my spirit gravitated towards in this journey. Thank you for that. There were times during a deep meditation that I would utter an unusual word out of seemingly nowhere only to hear you say it in the next moment. Other times, I’d learn about a metaphysical aspect and deeply resonate with it only to find that you uploaded a video at the same time in reference to it. Most recently, it was Lyra. Those “coincidences” were of deep comfort, particularly in the early stages when I was frightened by the power that was unfolding before me. Your supportive words kept me steadfast though and now I love the stuff of life. I love it so deeply that I have no desire to withhold myself from it at any moment. In that spirit, I’ve decided to only follow the birdsong and never the fear. Something in me knew that I had to attend your workshop and I will be doing so in February.

Lola – USA

‘I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew I needed help and after discovering you and listening to you on You Tube, I knew you were the one that could help me. Separating from my wife of 12 years was so hard for me and as my life life crumbled away, I never thought I would function again. I was in such a dark space emotionally and mentally. Jerry, those precious hours we spent together on Skype transformed my life. I know you told me it was me who had to take action, and and yes, on one hand you are right. But it was your compassion and willingness to listen and then to guide me honestly and compassionately… even though you made me face some harsh truths that I didn’t want to accept. If it wasn’t for your advice and kindness I am not sure if I could have continued with life. Thank you Jerry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

Ollie West – London

9 months ago my oncologist told me that I might have 5-6 months to live. I was diagnosed with stage four breast issues. I point blank refused the surgery. The doctors said it maybe my last hope. Doctors offered me chemotherapy or radiation. I decided to do something completely different as I knew of alternatives. I found Jerry Sargeant on the internet and did several distance energy healing sessions.
During the next 10 weeks I felt myself getting stronger. It was as though something was driving me, steering me and pulling me forward. Something else was giving me strength. I felt my life was changing, hard to describe or put my finger on exactly what was happening within me. I assumed it was what Jerry calls Star Magic.

Several months after the energy healing sessions I was still alive and not only that, I went to visit my doctor and she looked at me in awe. She asked me what I have been doing. ‘You look great’, she said. New tests came back, and to my doctors complete surprise they all came back clear.

I was free from this life threatening disease. I was amazed too. I felt it had worked but something inside of me kept doubting it. And something else kept me going forward with the energy healing. Even though I was surprised somehow I knew that I was better and that I will make it, even with the doubts.

Celine Bellerose – Switzerland

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