Star Magic Introductory Healing Training Star Magic Introductory Healing Training

Star Magic Introductory Healing Training

It’s time to Amplify Your Life and take your healing and life to the next level

This is a must for anyone wanting to know the truth about the innate healing gifts, waiting for you, deep inside your own energetic body.

This workshop will open you up to the infinite possibilities that await you, once you tap into these dormant abilities.

Whether you are an experienced healing practitioner, wanting to remember the power of Star Magic or a beautiful soul that is new to the healing arts, this Online Training will be a perfect fit for you. It will ignite your inner light and elevate your soul mission here on Earth, enabling you to guide and assist others on their own human journey.

The Training consists of 9 videos plus Bonus Content – Cost is £149.00.

  • Introduction – You are Super-Human
  • Download Star Magic elevation codes to Super-Charge your healing.
  • Activate Your Mer Ka Ba
  • Holograms
  • Self-Healing
  • Electromagnetic Healing
  • Timelines
  • Meet Thoth & Anubis to open your room in the Halls of Amenti and access your Divine Cosmic Blueprint
  • Bonus Content
  • Take Action

What will you get from this training?

Understand why you are here on Earth and that this divine plan is unique in its multifaceted perfection. You are not here on this Earth plane right now by chance. It was written into the scriptures eons ago. Jerry will explain why and how

You will unleash your own Super-Human.

Jerry will facilitate the downloading of some very specific Extra-Terrestrial Light Codes that will super-charge your healing abilities.

You meet Merlin, the Master Alchemist and create your perfect reality.

A number of extremely powerful and simple to use healing ways/techniques will be shared. You will be able to use them immediately to heal yourself and others.

You will be taken into the Halls of Amenti through one of three Master Entrances. You will be guided by Thoth and Anubis who will furnish you with High-Powered Crystalline Healing Tools. You will have full access to your Divine Cosmic Blueprint. This spectacle of geometrical code will change your frequency and life forever, opening you up to your own Divine Cosmic Crystal Light. This will set the scene for continued expansion and cosmic elevation, to ensure your Star Magic Healing journey unfolds and you step fully into your Cosmic Master Self.

You will get full access to some incredible bonus content.

You will receive 2 powerful Frequency Encoded Meditations.

*Prepare for magic. You will be opened up to Frequencies that that will shift your perspective on consciousness forever*

It’s time to Amplify Your Life and take your healing to the next level

Expect Transformation

Please note:

The link to attend the Training will be sent to the email address you enter below, please ensure this is a working email address. Please check your spam if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. Listen with headphones on. Highly Recommended. Amplify your life and be on this epic introductory training so you can ignite that divine spark inside your consciousness, that’s ready anmd waiting to explode with knowledge and wisdom to ensure your every success.

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