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VIDEO: Sedona Vortex DEEP Healing Light Language Transmission


This Light Language transmission will blow you away, harnessing the power of Sedona vortexes to activate deep healing on a cellular level. Filmed at our Facilitator Training Workshop in the centre of this sacred space in Arizona, USA, the massive power and energy still vibrates within me, so I had to share this video with you. If you’re not already aware, Sedona is a sacred, majestic place. It’s deep red mountains and beautiful landscape is scattered with vortexes. Sedona vortexes are swirling centres of concentrated, high vibrational energy. Beings from all across the Universe visit Sedona to experience the unbelievable energy, and to try to harness its cosmic forces. This Light Language Transmission will allow you to access the Sedona vortexes in your own home. If you engage with this Light Language Transmission you will experience how it feels to channel a powerful vortex of high vibrational light and it’s cellular healing properties.


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