Planetary Guardians Planetary Guardians

We are all Planetary Guardians here on this Planet. Our mission is to act as conduits, to transport High Vibrational Energy and share it with our sisters and brothers, as well as with the Planet. The problem is most people are not fit and healthy enough to transport these codes. These potent energies are frying peoples circuits, their nervous systems. It’s why its vitally important to to exercise. You will find exercise routines, fully explained, for total beginners as well as advanced levels of fitness.

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Join now and experience the 24/7 deep healing and transformation tools that are waiting for you. Unlimited access to the power of the Star Magic Frequency.

A NEW breed of human, a Galactic Avatar is RISING from inside each one of us, Brothers & Sisters on Earth. The Galactic Avatar is a human being who’s default state is Joy, Harmony, Strength, Wisdom and Unconditional Love. The Galactic Avatar also has the ability to experience Total-Abundance in all areas of their life because their Frequency is Perfectly Aligned. The key to accessing the abilities of a Galactic Avatar lie within the cells and DNA strands of every human being.

The Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies, held in the geometry of Star Magic, which FLOWS through each Super-Powerful Guided Meditation in this Library, holds the coding to re-calibrate, those that are ready, to step into the next arena of Human-Potential.

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