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Plant Based Recipes For Optimal Health

Nutrition is an essential part of the ascension process. You will have full access to our Nutrition Blog which has a very large selection of meals; ranging from breakfast to dinner options, a variety of snacks, puddings, juices and shakes. All of which are plant based, packed with goodness and more importantly, quick and easy to prepare. New recipes uploaded every week.

Plant Based and Listen!

We recommend everyone take a predominantly planet-based lifestyle. The body requires certain things and we as human beings are all different. I personally adopted a plant based lifestyle for six years. I exercise intensely and it started to affect my training. I took all of the protein, vitamin and mineral supplements but slowly my body deteriorated. I started introducing fish and eggs here and there and found the perfect balance. My nutrition now is 90% plant based but if my body tells me it requires fish, I will feed body.
– Jerry Sargeant

Healing Future Lives

Although I have been on my spiritual journey for many years, your meditation journeys are clearing parts of my being that I had not reached so far. Many thanks for being who you are brother 🙂 Love from Germany 🙂

Friederike Kock

Healing Future Lives

Star Magic Meditations have smacked me flat on my ass sending me deep, deep into healing and then leaving me feeling mighty fine, indeed. Jerry, your infinite flow, spectacular skills and genuine gift to your heavenly heart creates the perfect recipe for all of your magnificent meditations.

Dave Trilles

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