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Heal your mind and body with our powerful audio meditations.

Each Frequency Encoded Meditation is created to ensure you elevate, expand, transform and step fully into your power. If you have a particular situation that requires healing, growth or acceleration or you simply wish to amplify your life in all areas, then join and start your transformation. New Meditations are added weekly – you’ll find the perfect meditation for you.

Our meditations are exciting and inspiring creative journeys and far from ordinary!

Plus there is so much more to your Infinity membership.. head over to our Infinity page to discover our whole host of incredible ascension tools. If you’re ready to Expand Your Consciousness, Grow in Confidence, live your Truth and Experience a Major Shift in Your Life, then Join Your Tribe on the Inside.

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  • Health

  • Abundance

  • Healing

  • Relationships

  • Silence

  • Global

  • Cosmic Journeys

  • Upgrades & Downloads

  • DNA & 3rd Eye Activation

  • Short Meditations

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Health Benefits Of The Meditation Library

Step Fully Into Your Power

Sense of Wonder & Well-Being

Increased Level of Awareness

Positive Thoughts & Feelings Increase

Deep & Loving Connection with You

Lower Stress Level

A Natural Flow of Abundance

Increased Vitality

Huge Confidence

See Into Other Realities

Heighten Creativity & Enhanced Brain Function

Eliminate Fatigue & Live With Passion

Happy Becomes Your Natural State

Ability to Tune Into Your Body’s Natural Inner Guidance

Become More Compassionate Towards Others

Stronger Sense of Control Over Your Emotions & Actions

Ability to Manifest Your Hearts Desires

Gateway to Your Divinity & Inherent Divine Guidance

Live in the Flow of Life

Release Past Trauma & Heal Emotional Wounds

Anxiety/Worry Lessens

Vibrate on the Frequency of Unconditional Love

Success Becomes Your New Normal

Heightened Motivation

Re-Connect With Your Inner-Child

Stronger Sense of Connection With Others

Open Lines of Communication with Guides, Angels and Star-Beings.

A Super-Charged Frequency Always

Heal Your Shadow-Self & Experience Freedom

Increased Energy & Drive

Grow in Strength

See Beyond the Matrix

Ignite Your Inner Wisdom

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