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Infinity Meditation Challenges

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You Really Want to Elevate Your Frequency?
Then Take Part in these Powerful Meditation Challenges.
It’s ONLY For those that Want to Experience REAL Transformation

7 day challenge
Listen to the following Meditations in order for the next 7 days
1. Total Rejuvenation
2. Awaken Creativity
3. Carpe Diem
4. Crystal, Diamond & Dolphin Download
5. Harnessing Pure Flow
6. Step Into Your Power
7. The Abundance Code
13 day challenge
Listen to the following Meditations in order for the next 13 days.
1. Crystal Source Centering
2. Freedom from Stress – 7th Density Upgrade
3. Perfect Balance
4. How to Reverse the Ageing Process
5. Power Up & Energise
6. Increase Self-Discipline
7. Atlantis Temple Upgrade
8. Divine Mind Synergy
9. Enhanced Intuition
10. Diamond Ascension Flame
11. Endocrine Recalibration
12. Enhanced Intuition
13. No More Aches & Pains
27 day challenge
Listen to the following Meditations in order for the next 27 days.
  • 1. Experience Pure Love
  • 2. Release Old Programming
  • 3. Accepting Change
  • 4. Ground Yourself
  • 5. Embody My Spiritual Gifts
  • 6. Next Level DNA Upgrade
  • 7. Crystal City Activation
  • 8. Body Image
  • 9. Raise Your Vibration
  • 10. DNA Activation – Immune System Upgrade
  • 11. Connect to the 6th Dimension
  • 12. Stellar Activation
  • 13. Sovereign Consciousness
  • 14. Cosmic Stem Cell Therapy
  • 15. Angelic Spa Treatment
  • 16. Activate Your Merkaba
  • 17. Face Your Fears
  • 18. Carpe Diem
  • 19. Sekhmet & Ra Transmission
  • 20. Emerald Light Body Activation
  • 21. Star Fire Code Initiation
  • 22. Phoenix Rising Empowerment
  • 23. Multi-Dimensional Chromium Abundance Codes
  • 24. Diamond Grids and Timeline Activation Codes
  • 25. Portal to Sacred Presence
  • 26. Morning Motivation
  • 27. Supreme Abundance

Challenge Guidelines

Start with the 7 day challenge before moving onto the 13 day and 27 day challenge. These meditations have been carefully selected to take you on deep transformational journey over 3 stages.

Please leave 6 days between the 7 and 13 day challenge and 9 days between the 13 and 27 day challenge.
During this space, stay hydrated and follow the top tips for optimum results. You will find these in
the membership section once you become a member.

These Challenges are Deep.

They are for those Spiritual Warriors that want to know the Truth.
They will shift you and raise your frequency in a gigantic way.
Are You Ready?
See You on the Inside.


Can I repeat the meditation challenges?

After listening to the 3 meditation challenges, what should I do next?

12 Week Frequency Amplification Challenge

Start Your Journey Today

Once you have taken on these transformational challenges, you can indulge in our
12 week Frequency Amplification Challenge where the real work begins.

This carefully constructed plan of action will completely change your life and rock your world.
All you have to do, is listen. Are you ready?

Week 1

Light Language – Scared Temple & Celestial Symphonies. Listen every day to each.
Meditation ñ Release Old Programming. Listen every day.

Week 2

Light Language – DNA Recalibration. Listen every day.
Meditation ñ Freedom from Stress. Listen every morning. The Abundance Code. Listen every evening.

Week 3

Light Language – Speaking Truth. Listen every day.

Week 4

Light Language – Avatar Activation & Collapsing Timeline Portals. Listen every day to each.
Meditation – Crystal Source Centering. Listen every day.

Week 5

Light Language – Vibration of the Universe. Listen every day.
Meditation ñ Multidimensional Magic. Listen every morning and every evening.

Week 6

Light Language – Manifestation Portal. Listen every day.
Meditation – Upgrade in a Cave parts 1 & 2. Listen to both parts every day. Back to back or one in the morning and two in the evening.

Week 7

Light Language – Clarity. Listen twice every day. Back to back or separately.
Meditation – Be Healthy Now. Listen every day.

Week 8

Light Language – Honesty. Listen 3 times every day. Back to back or separately.
Meditation – Awaken Creativity. Listen every day.

Week 9

Light Language – Unity Consciousness. Listen every day.
Meditation ñ Crystal Cathedral Upgrade. Listen every morning. Arcturian Healing Chamber. Listen every evening.

Week 10

Light Language – Awakening. Listen 3 times every day. Back to back or separately.
Meditation – Cave of Symbols with St Germain. Listen every morning and every evening.

Week 11

Light Language – Sacred Cosmic Keys. Listen every day 3 times. Back to back or separately.
Meditation – 3 Primal Light Fields of Source Energy. Listen every morning. 3rd Eye Activating Blueprint. Listen every evening.

Week 12

Light Language – Atlantis rebirth Code. Listen once in the morning. Blue Avian Clarity Code.
Listen once in the evening followed by the Trinity of Power. Do them back to back.
Meditation – Emerald Pyramid of Power & Crystal Diamond and Dolphin Download. Both of them every day.
Anytime it feels right but you must listen to them both every day.

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