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Global Meditation Group

Jerry would like to invite you to be a part of this Global Healing Meditation

At least once a month Jerry invites the world to participate in this FREE 60-minute Star Magic Tribe Global Meditation with an open cosmic heart and a sincere will to heal, transform and evolve into their wholeness. This is a powerful session Amplified by the Star Magic Tribes Global Presence (with thousands of us gathered virtually) for each Transformative Session.

Next Global Meditation – Universal Architects – Re-Gridding The Quantum Bridge

Thursday 24th September, 6pm, BST (UK Time)

Global Meditation Group - Universal Architects - Re-Gridding The Quantum Bridge

For many years the lei lines/dragon lines, have carried frequency/energy, around Mother Earth’s Grid System. Over the course of Earth’s history, our energetic grid and the node points that support it, have been tampered with and bent out of shape. It is as though the entire grid has been bent out of shape. This grid system can be re-engineered and their are beings that have visitied Earth 3 times in its history, to assist with this process. These beings are called the Domes. Only Universal Architects can call the Domes to assist. If you feel it, you are one and are ready and primed for this mission. The negative beings remaining strong hold of energy, their battery, is in Turkey. The current structure feeds this battery. They have been surviving on massive off planet batteries for some time, as well as this one, which is huge and supported by smaller batteries around the planet. Once this job has been done, the negative forces have two choices. Stay and die or leave the planet.

If you feel the call, join us as we re-align the grids, drain the battery and work with the Domes!

Expect Transformation!

Are you ready?

See You on the Inside Beautiful Souls



Let’s Assemble Our Tribe And Make A Difference

  • Self-Healing and Healing the Planet – We are Going to Be Doing Some Very Specific Work.
  • Re-establishing and Re-activating the Planets Spiritual, Electromagnetic Nervous System.
  • Access All Star Magic Planetary Healing Missions – (Meditation Library Members Get To Help Choose The Mission Agenda)
  • Experience Powerful Upgrades on a Regular Basis
  • Re-activating the Golden Age Time Lines and Our Multi-Density Light Bodies.
  • Connecting Our Multi-Density Light Bodies to the Platinum Light Grids.
  • Using the Sun to Shift and Re-calibrate Our Molecular Structure
  • Strip Away Karmic, Ancestral and Parallel Reality Conditioning.
  • Unleash Our Full Human Potential.
  • Step into Our Personal Power & Thrive
  • Increase Confidence
  • Connect to the Frequency of Unconditional Love
  • Enjoy Every Cosmic Journey with Jerry and the Star Magic Tribe
  • Remember How to Feed Off of Light.

Beyond Awesome



As you Re-connect to crystal planetary grids and unleash your wholeness…


The Star Magic Tribe

Using the Power of the Elevated Group Star Magic Frequency to Catapult Forward Into Wisdom, Joy, Strength, Mastery, Unconditional Love and Ultimately Freedom

Healing the Planet

We have witnessed many times how a handful of people strongly unified by a common intent can profoundly influence a larger group of people. Great global movements for peace, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi, have always begun with a coming together of people who want peace for the greater good.

Join us as our brother or sister, as we gather to extend the fruits of our meditation and chanting to all sentient beings, uplifting our world, creating peace and healing the Earth during this challenging and exciting time in our planet’s history.

We, as incarnated souls – surf on historical evolutionary waves. The wave that just rose is unique – let’s ride it together as one human family through time and space on this magical journey of a lifetime.

We are going to massively elevate our personal vibration, heal each other and send a galactic vortex of love into the ocean of universal consciousness, that ripples through this beautiful green and blue planet we call home, hovering in infinite space.

Disclaimer: Jerry Sargeant or Star Magic Healing do not claim to diagnose, cure or heal any illness. Jerry Sargeant does not claim to provide medical treatment, financial advice, or legal guidance. Jerry Sargeant and Star Magic Healing are not liable for any outcome that may occur from doing vibrational work on people, including remotely through others. Please consult a trained medical, legal or financial professional before making important decisions on these matters. The only thing Jerry claims to do is support awakening the natural transformational forces within you as a result of elevating your frequency; all results that occur thereafter are created by your own. Star Magic is the most powerful, transformational tool on the planet. A light encoded frequency that will unlock your superhuman self-healing ability once you connect to it. Are you ready to experience massive, rapid, lasting shifts that will elevate your life as you unleash your inner wisdom?

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