Distance Healing

Distance Healing

One on One Healing Transmissions

These short but very potent healing transmissions are a 24/7 healing tool, to be used alongside the other high vibrational healing assets inside Infinity.

As a loyal Infinity Member we value your health and well-being and so have created these healing videos to assist your earthly journey. These powerful short healing sessions target a range of different issues. Mental, physical and emotional symptoms are addressed and healed.

You came to this planet to be healthy and fully experience being human and a healthy body, mind and spirit is essential. Open your heart and connect with me in this deep space and we will create an environment where your body does what it was designed to do, and that is heal. New videos are uploaded regularly to empower your health and vitality.

Distance Healing With Jerry Sargeant

One on One Healing Transmissions

As an Infinity Member you have access to Healing Videos for different ailments; injuries, illnesses, both mental and physical and of course emotional. Here on this page you have the opportunity to experience two of the Distance Healing videos from inside the members section so you get a taste of what’s availble.

Recent Healing Transmissions

How Does Distance Healing Work?

In the Quantum World, there is no time, distance or measurement. By knowing this and following the correct formula it’s possible to facilitate the healing of another human being or animal, using energy, even if they are thousands of miles away.

After an energy healing session it’s important to stay hydrated and give yourself some space. Emotions release from deep within and you must honour those emotions. Let them surface and express them. Fully feel them and let them go. Shed the old skin and heal.

Healing Future Lives

I embarked on my healing journey after severe burn-out. Star Magic helped me to get rid of the effects of the burn-out, such as anxiety, tiredness, and panic attacks, which I couldn’t manage to get rid of before. I have become calmer & more in tune with myself and my relationship has improved . I am even more optimistic and happy, and my business has more than doubled since. My girlfriend and mom are now Infinity members too.

Chipo Banda

Healing Future Lives

Wowsa! I have no words but simply the deepest gratitude for this moment. So many timelines came into one space and I could feel the healing and expansion flow through like liquid spirit . Awwww sooo tender, cold and I feel completely filled with the love of everything and no thing at the same time. Sooo peaceful!

Heather Goodings

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