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Five Easy Steps to Self-Healing

You have direct access to all the love, power, wisdom and knowledge to heal your body, mind and soul. Self-healing works best when you leave your ego aside and step into the vibration of your pure soul. You also let go of attachments or fears about illness or whether healing is working. Be 100 per […]

Spirit Food – Pumpkin

ORIGIN Pumpkins can be traced to Mexico with seeds found dating back 7,500 years. It was one of the first wild plants to be cultivated. It grows on every continent making it a versatile food source across the globe. It wasn’t always the pumpkin we know today. It once grew much smaller with a bitter taste. […]

Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

You can manifest your dreams into reality. To manifest who you desire requires intention, repetition and focus. It is important to be focussed with a clear intention while manifesting rather than allow manifesting to happen. This helps to narrow down all the possible potential outcomes that otherwise exist simultaneously. You manifest continuously in this reality. […]

Increase Success & Creativity – Law of Attraction & Light Codes

   In this video, I share a super-powerful daily ritual that will increase your success and creativity. Using energy, light codes and the law of attraction this daily ritual will elevate your life. Do this every day, your vibration will change and life will flow. You will learn how to influence your reality in […]

Spirit Food – Elderberry

ORIGIN Elderberries are the fruit of the Elder tree (Sambucus). Elder trees grow up to 15m tall and live for up to 60 years. The Elder tree grows clusters of small white elderflowers and bunches of small blue or black elderberries. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the Recipes for elderberry-based medications date as far back […]

Miracles of Mind and Body

Your mind has miraculous power. Your mind has the ability and power to change and heal your body’s physiology. Many miracles of mind & body are found to be true in many areas of scientific research. A positive attitude and strong intention can generate miracles of mind & body. This is especially so when you’re […]

How To Create The Energy Necessary To Be SUPERHUMAN

   In this video, I share my tips on how to create massive energy. How to create the energy necessary to be a superhuman and live a life full of abundance. A life where you live your dreams and fulfil your destiny. To be a truly formidable force you must shut down from everyone […]

Spirit Food – Apple

ORIGIN Apple trees, genus Malus, evolved in Central Asia many millennia ago. They are now cultivated worldwide with many varieties now in existence. Apples were grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe and then introduced to North America by European colonists. The apple tree is one of the earliest trees that humanity cultivated. […]

The Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery

The universe operates on natural laws. When you understand these laws you can use them. You can bend gravity to fly and use the knowledge of the meaning of life and death to live better lives. The seven Hermetic principles originate from the 1st century AD. Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth from ancient Egypt) is credited as […]

How to Say NO to People and Biohack Your Superhuman Self

   In this video, I share some useful tips on how to say no to people and free up time and energy to biohack your superhuman self. There is so much energy and a lot is wasted, especially with our limited time on this Earth, it’s important that we make the most of it. […]

Spirit Food – Hemp

ORIGIN Hemp is sometimes confused with the cannabis plant marijuana. Hemp does contain a little bit of THC, the compound that produces psychoactive effects in humans but the seeds themselves are non-psychoactive, meaning that humans cannot get high by eating them. Hemp originated in Central Asia. Hemp was cultivated for fibre in China as early […]

Ancient Egyptian Deities

Ancient Egypt enjoyed the pagan worship of around 2000 Egyptian deities over 3000 years. Each Egyptian deity represented an aspect of Egyptian life such as the underworld, the sun, or fertility. The major Egyptian deities were revered across many regions of Egypt. Most Egyptian deities were worshipped locally and their importance waxed and waned over […]

Free Distance Healing Session – Heal and Raise Your Vibration

In this video, I share a free distance healing session with you. You can you this healing session to heal any deep-rooted trauma, past life issues, cellular trauma, deep emotional wounding and physical healing. Time, distance and measurement do not exist in the quantum field, therefore distance healing works. All you have to do is […]

Spirit Food – Matcha

ORIGIN One of the earliest mentions of Matcha was found in a book called The Classic of Tea from 760 AD. Written by a Chinese scholar called Lu Yu who mentioned the Emperor Shen Nong (from 2700 BC), who experimented with hundreds of different plants and grasses to test their medicinal uses. Tea leaves shifted […]

What are Egyptian Hieroglyphics?

Egyptian hieroglyphics became one of the earliest writing systems in the world. The earliest hieroglyphs are found to originate from the Early Bronze Age several centuries before the period of Egyptian history. The word hieroglyphics is Greek not Egyptian. It means holy (hiero) writings (glyphics). Hieroglyphics facilitated the acceleration of human civilization together with other […]

Top Parenting Tips – Enhance Your Child’s Creativity

In this video, I share some top parenting tips that will enhance creativity in your children and help them soar, by giving them the freedom to truly explore their own unique talents and abilities. This, in my eyes (having tried a variety of approaches to parenting two children myself) is the most successful method pf […]